What's new in eQuilibrator 2.1?
  1. The uncertainty of each estimation is now provided. For example, when we write ΔrG' = -32.1 ± 1.4 [kJ/mol], the 1.4 represents a 95% confidence interval around the estimated Gibbs energy. This change was facilitated by upgrading our software to the more precise Component Contribution method.
  2. A dedicated page for reduction potentials (see for example Oxaloacetate reduction).
  3. Gas, liquid and solid phase for the relevant compounds (e.g. you can use O2(g) and CO2(g) in glucose oxidation).
  4. A fresh design and LOTS of usability upgrades.
  5. Substantially faster search powered by Solr.
  6. Thermodynamic analysis of metabolic pathways using the MDF.