Cannot estimate ΔfG' with any level of certainty
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General Properties
Formula C24H40O5
Common names Ursocholate; 3alpha,7beta,12alpha-Trihydroxy-5beta-cholan-24-oic acid; 3alpha,7beta,12alpha-Trihydroxy-5beta-cholanic acid; 7-Epicholic acid; 7beta-Hydroxyisocholic acid; Ursocholic acid; C17644
Molar Mass 408.29 [Da]
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Species Formation Energies
Phase Net charge #Hydrogens Δf [kJ/mol] ΔfG'° [kJ/mol] Reference
aqueous -1 39 -670.3 910.4 Component Contribution (2013)
aqueous 0 40 -695.9 926.0