Cannot estimate ΔfG' with any level of certainty
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General Properties
Formula C3H4O
Common names 2-Propyn-1-ol; 1-Hydroxy-2-propyne; 1-Propyn-3-ol; 1-Propyn-3-yl alcohol; 2-Propynol; 2-Propynyl alcohol; 3-Hydroxy-1-propyne; 3-Propynol; Ethynylcarbinol; NA 1986; Prop-2-in-1-ol; Prop-2-yn-1-ol; Prop-2-yne-1-ol; Propargyl alcohol; Propynyl alcohol; C05986
Molar Mass 56.03 [Da]
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Species Formation Energies
Phase Net charge #Hydrogens Δf [kJ/mol] ΔfG'° [kJ/mol] Reference
aqueous -1 3 -107.0 14.0 Component Contribution (2013)
aqueous 0 4 -184.9 -22.7